What are your makeup essentials?

Jul, 30 2023 0

Breaking Down the Beauty Bag

I believe any makeup guru, be it professional or casual dabbler, will back me up when I say that the kind of makeup you carry can indeed, make or break your look. Whether you're a minimalist or someone who loves to flaunt glitz and glam, quality, availability, and versatility of the makeup items you possess plays a huge role in keeping your game on point. But hey, don't worry—Zayden's here to unload his arsenal of makeup essential know-how. Buckled up? Let's get cracking!

Digging into the Base: Primer and Foundation

If we're talking about real estate, you've probably said the magic words, 'Location, location, location', right? In makeup, it's all about 'Base, base, base'. Yes, my friends, the correct primer and foundation are nothing short of the Holy Grail. A primer preps your skin while minimizing pores and creating a smooth layer ready for the makeup magic to play out. A foundation that matches your skin tone and type is the canvas upon which your artistry will shine through. Experimenting and finding the perfect foundation can be exciting, albeit overwhelming. Believe me, I’ve tried a gazillion products before settling for my favorite—that was quite the journey. Fun fact, the first foundation was used by actors and actresses in the early 20th century to resist the heat from intense studio lighting. Talk about defying the odds!

Concealer: The Magic Wand

With the fast-paced lives we lead, proper sleep can sometimes elude us. Enter dark circles and little imperfections. However, with the right concealer, all is kept under wraps, quite effortlessly! A concealer is that secret agent in your makeup bag, ready to serve and protect. Its mission? Match your skin tone and blend away your blemishes and dark circles to perfection. I'll let you in on a secret here. Back in university, I’d managed to grab an all-night study session followed by a presentation. Guess what bailed me out of looking like a zombie? My trusty concealer!

Dive into Colour: Blush, Bronzer, and Highlighter

I like to think of blush, bronzer, and highlighter as a power trio—a musical band that provides the backing tunes to your makeup song. The blush, oh-so-subtly, lends a flirtatious hand while caressing your cheeks with a dash of rosy vigor. A quick swipe of bronzer gives you that sun-kissed look that we're always after. And the highlighter, it's the grand finale, drawing attention to your best features while you bring the house down with your glow. I became a huge fan of the bronzer during my years in theatre. It can make a world of difference, I assure you.

Painting the Windows: Eye-shadow, Eyeliner, and Mascara

Let’s paint those windows to the soul! Eyeshadows, with their staggering collection of colors, can allow you to reflect your mood, occasion, or even the season. Eyeliner and mascara further carve out the definition to your eyes, dictating how the world looks into them. In fact, mascara dates back to about 4000 B.C. when Egyptians applied a substance known as Kohl to darken their lashes. That’s quite an antique piece of beauty history!

Brow Power: Brow Pencil and Gels

Can we talk about the instrument of expression we barely hitch credit to? Yes, you guessed it right—it’s all about the brows! Tamed and well-defined eyebrows can dramatically enhance your look. Brow pencils matched to your brow color, followed by a swipe of brow gel can make those wavy caterpillars look groomed yet natural. I’ll confess, I was late to join the brow-bandwagon but the transformation was nothing short of an eye-opener. Do give it a shot if you haven’t already.

The Grand Finale: Lipstick

A little birdie once told me, 'Zayden, you can conquer the world with the right lipstick!' and guess, what? The bird was right! Whether you prefer a classic red, an elegant nude, or a flirty pink, a lipstick can effortlessly dictate your look. For quite some time, I’d stick to clear balmy textures. However, one fine day, I decided to be a bit adventurous and traded the balms for a classy hot red lipstick. Trust me, the number of compliments I received that day was mind-boggling!

Setting It All: Setting Spray

After investing all that time and effort into creating a masterpiece face, you need to secure it, right? That’s where a setting spray comes in. A good setting spray essentially helps your makeup to hold its place, defying the odds of weather, sweat, and time. I remember once going for a long eventful day trip without a setting spray in my makeup arsenal. The results? Smudging and fading galore. Lesson learned! Safe to say, it didn't take me too long to add a good quality setting spray to my bag of essentials.

Certainly, this is a comprehensive guide for your makeup essentials. With these in your bag, you're ready to step out and stun the world with your beauty. Remember, makeup is an artistic expression of who you are. So embrace it joyously, and revel in the beauty journey! Cheers to the makeup world!